Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jihad Sultan Salahudin Ayubbi dan Dinar Emas

Petikan dari buku :

The Cursades- War for the Holy Land by Thomas Asbridge(2010)

a. The conditions of (Jerusalem christians) surrender settled around Sept. 1187 ( to Saladin). they were given 40 days to buy their freedom at the prescribed cost of 10 dinars for a man, 5 dinars for a woman and 1 dinar for a child.

b. They were given safe passage to Latin outposts at Tyre and Tripoli and the right to carry personal possession. Only horses and weaponary to be left behind. After 40 days those unable to pay ransom will taken captive (as slaves).

c. Saladin showed geneoristy, for example Balian king was able in return for one lump sum of 30,000 dinars, to secure release of 7,000 christians, and attempt to grant amnesty for the poor.

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