Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Beautiful Stranger


beautiful stranger you are to me
the way you see me
how you see me
in my flawed nature
yet you never distance
you only come closer
why, my beautiful stranger
have i never held your face
touched the brave lines
the years that passed
the ages that came before


beautiful stranger
what do you see
do you see the traces of my youth
the one long forgotten
or do you see my last breath
when i knelt in prayer for miracles
and hoped for rain to wash me clean
maybe, a glimpse of my closeted mind
a few shadows and faint dream lines


yet you are here
at my door, standing still
tall near reflecting moonbeams
arms opened and your hands gentle tender
beautiful stranger, where have you been
have you waited as long as i know
stood through time like i have
or danced with time and space
until it stopped to where you are to be
that your lips try to speak my name
one that you do not even know of


stay beautiful stranger
stay, but only if you feel the need to
only if you want to
if not, i will not flinch
nor will i cry
but my heaving heart
will carry the evenings of tears
and broken rays of a golden morning
until the next coming
the next passing of time
if and when, another will be on its way

(Enough to know, you are near)