Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Real Activist or Bipolar Leader/Followers ?

The activist is not the one who says “we have to clean the river”, but he who is busy cleaning the river. This is a time when people confuse “who they are” for “who they think they are”. If you ask a Muslim, especially those who claim to be most active, “what do you think about Riba?”,

 most will answer "it is haram". B
ut if you ask: "what have you done against Riba in the last week, in the last month, in the last year?" The answer is a look of perplexity, and if they have the courage, perhaps a mournful “nothing”.

Be aware of what Proudhon called “weekend revolutionaries”, he also called them melancholic revolutionaries. In today's language we will call them “bipolar revolutionaries”, jumping form high to low, from mania to melancholy. These people shout loudly revolutionary slogans in the weekend, in their gatherings and in the streets, only to find themselves returning to their miserable job on Monday morning. It is all about blaming others –what Nietzsche called “the morality of the slave.” Their leaders will say, “the society is rotten and corrupt”.

 But the next week they will have to scale up their discourse to keep their followers attention: “the system is evil and rotten, and corrupt”; and then the following week, “it is evil, corrupt, rotten and insane”; and so on. Until they ran out of adjectives –Proudhon says. The true revolutionary is in “his doing”, not in “his saying”. Judge leaders for “what they do”, not for “what they say they do or will do”. And judge yourself for what you do, not for what you say you do.
Taqwa with sincerity leads you to see these things and act upon it.
And Allah Victory belongs to Allah

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