Thursday, November 25, 2010

US Dollars Cheating and Bleeding The World

By Joan Veon

In 1913, at 11:45 p.m., on Dec. 23, Congress approved a private corporation designed to form a private corporation, designed to control the monetary system of our country. They moved with a calculated craftiness and deceit to pass legislation that would enslave every American as a debtor to their corporation.

To give you an idea as to where our country is with debt, as of September 2008, the [official] U.S. federal debt had reached approximately $9.7 trillion, or $31,700 per person. [As of October 2010, the national debt now stands at $13.6 trillion.—Ed.] However, when the unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs are added in, our total debt grows to $59.1 trillion, or $516,348 per household.

In 2005, the total personal debt, consisting of mortgages and consumer loans, was estimated at $11.4 trillion, with total U.S. household assets, including real estate, totaling $62.5 trillion.

Why it is Americans can’t forgive themselves the interest on the debt? Well, we don’t “owe” it to “we the people,” we “owe” it to the Federal Reserve and to foreign governments in the form of U.S. Treasury bills, notes and bonds.

As of two years ago, the top four foreign owners of our debt were: Japan at $592.2 billion, China at $502 billion, United Kingdom at $251.4 billion and oil exporters at $153.9 billion. Other owners of U.S. debt include Brazil, Caribbean Banking Centers, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland.

Eric Cantona Revolution Against Banks

Eric Cantona has taken it upon himself to promote a revolution against the banking oligarchy calling for everyone to take their money out of the banks.

In an October interview with Nantes newspaper Presse Ocean, as France endured a series of nationwide strikes against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to raise the pension age, Cantona questioned the effectiveness of street protests.

He said: “I don’t think we can be entirely happy seeing such misery around us. Unless you live in a pod. But then there is a chance… there is something to do. Nowadays what does it mean to be on the streets? To demonstrate? You swindle yourself. Anyway, that’s not the way any more.

“We don’t pick up weapons to kill people to start the revolution. The revolution is really easy to do these days. What’s the system? The system is built on the power of the banks. So it must be destroyed through the banks.

“This means that the three million people with their placards on the streets, they go to the bank and they withdraw their money and the banks collapse. Three million, 10 million people, and the banks collapse and there is no real threat. A real revolution.

“We must go to the bank. In this case there would be a real revolution. It’s not complicated; instead of going on the streets and driving kilometres by car you simply go to the bank in your country and withdraw your money, and if there are a lot of people withdrawing their money the system collapses. No weapons, no blood, or anything like that.”

He concludes: “It’s not complicated and in this case they will listen to us in a different way. Trade unions? Sometimes we should propose ideas to them.”

Cantona’s ‘revolution’ of sorts – whether he intended it as one or not – has gone viral.

A campaign,, has been launched by Géraldine Feuillien, a Belgian screenwriter, and Yann Sarfati, a French actor, in an effort to coordinate the action and make it global.

Blaming the banking sector for pretty much all of the world’s ills, including war, famine and pollution, they are urging supporters to withdraw their money from their bank accounts on December 7.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Christian Bosnian Embrace Islam

We produced here a decree by Muslim sultan when he conquered Bosnia in 1463 and grant protection to his christian subjects in the name of Allah and His Prophet. Hence many of them later naturally embraced Islam, gained the honor, freedom and guidance in this world and next.

Mehmed II's Firman on the freedom of the Bosnian Franciscans

"I, the Sultan Khan the Conqueror,

hereby declare the whole world that,

The Bosnian Franciscans granted with this sultanate firman are under my protection. And I command that:

No one shall disturb or give harm to these people and their churches! They shall live in peace in my state. These people who have become emigrants, shall have security and liberty. They may return to their monasteries which are located in the borders of my state.

No one from my empire notable, viziers, clerks or my maids will break their honour or give any harm to them!

No one shall insult, put in danger or attack these lives, properties, and churches of these people!

Also, what and those these people have brought from their own countries have the same rights...

By declaring this firman, I swear on my sword by the holy name of Allah who has created the ground and sky, Allah's prophet Mohammed, and 124,000 former prophets that; no one from my citizens will react or behave the opposite of this firman!"

This oath firman, which has provided independence and tolerance to the ones who are from another religion, belief, and race was declared by Mehmed II the Conqueror and granted to Angjeo Zvizdovic of the Franciscan Catholic Monastery in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina after the conquest of Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 28 of 1463.[24][25] The firman has been recently raised and published by the Ministry of Culture of Turkey for the 700th anniversary of the foundation of the Ottoman State. The edict was issued by the Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror to protect the basic rights of the Bosnian Christians when he conquered that territory in 1463. The original edict is still kept in the Franciscan Catholic Monastery in Fojnica.

It is one of the oldest documents on religious freedom. Mehmed II's oath was entered into force in the Ottoman Empire on May 28, 1463. In 1971, the United Nations published a translation of the document in all the official U.N. languages.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Servant of Events

One of the books by one of the great Sufis is entitled, The Giving Upof the Management of Affairs. This is an age where everybody thinks their achievement is to manage their affair. If you manage your affair then you come under the rules of things. You come under the force of things, which even the kuffar, great kuffar, have recognised.

There is a point when you stop moving by your ruh, byyour energy that Allah has given you and then you have to react to events. ‘I have to get the money.’ ‘I have to pay the thing.’ ‘We have been attacked.’ ‘We now have to show we will not stand for this, so now we must move in order to punish those who did this thing.’ And they fall under the force of things. So they no longer are the master. Already they are the servant of events.

And hidden in events is the secret of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. So that they are moving in the dark. They are moving blindly because when Allah has decreed that the thing will happen and he lifts the veil from some people’s eyes, He puts a veil over other people’s eyes and they think they are acting by their intellect and making decisions and showing their power but in fact they are moving exactly the way Allah has decreed that they will move.

But the people of knowledge move in another way. In hadith Qudsi Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, said, ‘My slave approaches me by nawafil acts until I love him. When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes, and his foot with which he walks'.

Master Izi of Dailin Nur Institute Commentary:

Today we see all these things happening in the wars (Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Moro/Sulu, Pattani, Kashmir, Somalia, Yemen, Kurdistan, Uighurs.. ..... occupation, killings, imprisonment, blockades, terrorism...numerous sufferings of umah...)

and nobody, nobody standing up and saying that we have to tell you - La hawla wa laquwatta illa billahi l-’Aliyyi l-’Adhim.

The power belongs to Allah and He lets the human being borrow this attribute as long as He has decreed that they may have it and if He wants He takes if from them.

(Now reflect what happen 10 years ago to Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania...when the leaders left islam, adopted socialism and secularism... Allah put the disasters to remind them. Look at Acheh...where muslims kill each other before. But Allah bring the make them aware. Reconcile, return to the deen, forgive, show justice and mercy. Share the peace and natural resources). Dont fight over a name, a flag, a slogan, a party or organization.

The kuffar happily to provide all the arms and bombs for muslims to kill each others. Suicide bombings in Bali, Jakarta...what is the meanings ? Who benefits from our young muslims ignorance of the false jihad ? Why not attack the root of riba...power base of kuffar. So long we use and cheated by the US Dollars, we will lose...).

Have taqwa -recognition of Allah power and decrees- He will provide a Way out success. Time is with Him, at His command, in His grasp. Just think about the collapse of Soviet Union in 20 years ago ? Millions of enslaved muslim people are freed by Allah from tyranny, communism...but the new leaders still emeshed in the system, tyranising their own people. Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Kazakstan...

The Rasul, sallallahu alayhi wa sallem, said, ‘You want something and Allah wants something, and what you want is not what Allah wants but what Allah wants will certainly come.’

So recognize, what Allah wants by His Divine Book, His Rasul sunna and teachings from true Awliya ulama and imams. Time is short. New esoteric muslims and deviation are many. Osama bin Laden is dead. Now they-kuffar want more al-Qaeda clones to distract us. To impose on muslims new controls.

We ask Allah Taala to give us wisdom and guidance and actions pleased by Him. To unite the pure dedicated seeker of hikmah and marifah. To raise up the new amirates and sultanates beyond the tricks, pomps of palaces of democracy and usurocracy.

Master Izi then announced to his attendant : 'Zuigan, please serve Shushien tea and sandwiches to all our guests and students at 10.30 am after my lecture stop in 5 minutes...'. He closed the green book by Shaykh Ibn Athaillah , translated by Scott Kugle. ...he too became a muslim after many years of research into the illuminated life of this great wali. A Friend indeed from the blessings of Allah.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Riding The Wave of Time and Nomos

By Abu Bakr Rieger, Germany 2009:

12th International Fiqh Conference, The Centre for the Book, Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is a tremendously beautiful country. But it is also a land of powerful contradictions. It may sound a little strange, but I would like to begin my talk on the re-definition of politics, by describing a visit to the beach in nearby Muizenberg. It was there, a few days ago, that I actually came upon the two key themes of my talk.

With your permission, I would like to relate to you what happened there.

A close friend of mine had taken me with him, to watch his little son surf. Initially with amusement, but then with growing admiration, I watched the boy try to climb, at the right moment, onto his little board. He tried a few times. Then he tried again. Then he tried dozens more times. But what to me was so remarkable was not the enormous patience of all this trying, nor the enormous will-power it obviously demanded of him. It was something quite different.

I realised that it was not will-power alone which drove the little boy on and on; it was also his conviction and certainty that he would eventually catch the right moment, even if only once. And indeed, in the end he did manage it. For a few seconds he surfed, and with calm contentment he enjoyed the interaction between his little personality, the wave, and the whole of the world between the land and the sea.

He achieved this moment of success not only by his will, but by a tuned intuition, and his capacity to recognise the right moment. It is this intuition, oriented towards unity and success, which transcends the simple will, and which is in fact our true nature. As we will see, capacities such as these are essential to the powerful re-definition of politics.

A little later that morning, I witnessed the other theme of this talk. In the midst of the colourful beachside world of tourists, surfers and leisure-seekers, an old, strange man dressed in a winter jacket suddenly walked right up to me. But it was not me he was approaching. It was the rubbish basket next to me.

The man opened the bin, and fished out a coffee cup which had been thrown in carelessly before. He swallowed down its entire contents greedily. All the while, with complete impassivity, we seemed to look right through each other.

What shocked me was not the man’s dismal poverty. It was the fact that he appeared completely separate, moving in another world with its own set of rules. Between his world and mine ran an unbridgeable divide. These parallel worlds, which are so typical of our times, are what we witness daily on the news. Little boats full of refugees on the Mediterranean, dashed on the rocks of our prosperity. The Chinese government, perpetrating acts of barbarity on the Uyghurs, described in tones of grey indifference.

This brings us to the second theme of my talk. The new politics which we are to define are directed towards a single world, undivided justice, and one truth.

I have begun with these two themes in order also to illustrate a fundamental difficulty in re-defining politics.

If it is to be truly new, then the re-definition of politics must find more than just a new language. Our politics must also be based upon a new, different, whole way of thinking. In order to understand what constitutes the political, we require an appropriate philosophy – and yet we must not forget that the result of every genuine philosophy is the confirmation of Unity, which in itself spells the end of philosophy as such.

Because it is easier, allow me to state briefly what the re­definition of politics does NOT involve.

At the core of this new political thinking will be neither a “new” opinion, nor a “new” plan. And of course, we will not be hearing the new ideas of a new political class, who pretend to know how we are to get quickest from A to B. It is not about Revolution, it is about understanding political event and destiny more deeply.

Let us go further! We shall not be bemoaning the apparent powerlessness of the Muslims, nor bewailing the lost greatness of former empires. The new politics will not measure its influence on world affairs in terms of human ideas of power and impotence. And we are not yet speaking about the outward manifestations of political or Muslim power, the granting of which is by Allah alone, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

We shall even let go of the idea that there is an individual subject, or individual proponents, of politics. Instead, at this moment, here and now, our political thesis is quite simply as follows:

We, ourselves, are the Nomos!

If, after looking at Europe in its old form, we dare to look ahead, then only one group is equipped to emerge even stronger than before out of the ruins of Old Europe. That group is the Muslims. Their potential for establishing their Nomos, or rather of being a Nomos, is limited neither by the development of the World State, nor by the financial crisis. We Muslims may even benefit from these things, since, as Ernst Jünger rightly pointed out, the cost of establishing the World State is to allow considerable local freedom in many places around the globe.

So we have claimed that we, the Muslims, ARE the new Nomos.

Is that really true? Let us test the thesis!

  • Can we establish Salat and Zakat today? Yes, we can.
  • Can we produce the Dinar, Dirham and Fulus today? Yes, we can.
  • Can we conduct halal trade between ourselves today? Yes, we can.
  • Can we take over land today and found Awqaf? Yes, we can.
  • Can we follow our Amirs today? Yes, we can.
  • Can we establish networks of Muslims all over the world? Yes, we can.
  • Can we travel to Makkah and Madinah today? Yes, we can.

It is this timeless ability to be a Nomos which promises all of us a good future together. By this Nomos, townships and favelas, destitute zones and camps can become places with a history, location, and order.

At the beginning of this talk I recalled the impoverished old man in Muizenberg. Let us not deceive ourselves. He will be as incapable of establishing the Nomos as a Turkish immigrant in Cologne. But the new Nomos, brought forward energetically by new, Muslim leaders on every continent, is dedicated to him. We all share with him that innate human poverty which we recognise when, dressed in cloths, we circulate the Kaaba.

Shortly before he died, old and destitute, Nietzsche said that nihilism is equivalent to having no objectives. We, the Muslims, have many, many objectives: from the setting-up of Internet-TV, to the establishment of soup kitchens, to the operation of high-tech coin-minting machines! We have the objectives. Now we have to seek the wave. Being political definitely means being able to travel! There is no place in the world which has ever been able to contain the Deen in its entirety.

In order to understand what Islam is today, and to see what we as Muslims will be able to do, we must travel on a global scale. Politically speaking, what is required is the identification of possibilities, and the formation of alliances. In Europe this may involve calling the elites to Islam; in Asia it could mean establishing the Dinar, Dirham and Fulous; and in African it might mean organising soup kitchens for the poor.

Every journey has its own secret. Rainer Maria Rilke once said that anyone who wants to know what Europe really is should visit Capri. He said: “Only if you visit Capri will you discover a certain aspect of your soul.” Of course, we as Muslims should visit our own cities so that we recognise our own, very Muslim essence. What can you know about Islam and the Muslims if you have never visited Istanbul, Samarkand, Cairo or Granada?

Our strength comes from visiting extraordinary places and people. Of course – and here I come towards the end of my talk – this applies to our visiting Cape Town. Here, in the Mosque, in the College, in the Madrasa, tremendous chemical laws are at play, laws which Goethe described so wonderfully as “Elective Affinities”. May Allah always protect the secret of this city. Amin.

I hope you will understand that, rather than succumbing to the intoxication of the political, I would prefer to finish my talk by putting forward a paradox. The heart of the re-definition of politics which I have attempted to set out to you today, is not political at all. At its heart, beyond friend and enemy, is the experience of Unity.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gold Versus Euro and US Dollar Imminent Collapse

When ECB promised a package credit rescue of Greece debt of Euro 1 Trillion, something is terribly wrong. Hidden from public views. Can more credits will put the physical economy right ? Can paper money buy real wealth of commodities and goods ? Can we just forgot about US bailout by FED last year amount to USD1.5 trillions ? AIG, Goldman Sach, JP Morgan, Ford and Detroit Motors ?

But real people across the globe will suffer from Europe and US follies of false money ! The Arabs will lose much of their billions stocks, shares and paper bond investments ! Dubai already bankrupt with USD50 billion debts of unsold overprice property booms. Tower of 120 floors in sandy islands and mega airport with only 2 million populations ?

China, India and Russia are buying hundred tonnes of gold ! This are real reserves. What price of gold since the last 5 years ? Almost 300 % increase ! Now it is silver ! But conscieous muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Europe had minted several milliions worths of gold DINAR and silver DIRHAM since 2000.

Now we can name the champions gold/silver distributors : Public Dinar, Kelantan Dinar, IGD DInar (now defunct), PT Logam Mulia Nusantara Dinar, WITO does matter who minted it but muslims have a choice to pay ZAKAT and TRADE/TRANSACT with a freely choosen currency against the inflated paper monies !

This the CURRENT STRUGGLE that will CHANGE the MUSLIMS FUTURE if their LEADERS OPTED TO GO AGAINTS IMF and WOLRD BANK ! US and EUROPE will devalue their currency sooner or later !

Monday, May 17, 2010

Slaves of Bankers....Arise and Be Free

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.

The Bankers own the earth. Take it away
from them, but leave them the power to create deposits,
and with the flick of the pen they will
create enough deposits to buy it back again.
However, take away that power, and all the great
fortunes like mine will disappear —

as they ought to in order to make this a happier and better
world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers
and pay the cost of your own slavery,
then let them continue to create deposits.”

Sir Joshua Stamp (1880-1941), one time governor of the Bank of England, in his
Commencement Address at the University of Texas in 1927. Reportedly he was the
second wealthiest individual in Britain.

Make no mistake about it: in this credit collapse we are witnessing the death throes of
irredeemable currency. In vain have governments and their client banks tried, for hundreds of
years, to graft this repulsive and degenerate bastard on the living organism of society. The result
was always the same: the healthy organism rejected the unnatural implant in its own good time.

Master Izi Commentary:

Sidi Ali al-Jamal, the great wali of Fez in our tariqa, he said, ‘One man of knowledge, meaning knowledge of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, can create a whole city. But a whole city cannot create that man.’ This is the reality in which we live.

Moulay Abdalqadir al-Jilani said, ‘The whole world is before you like a mirror, so what you see is what is your own reality.’ If you look now and see all this turbidity and darkness and turbulence and massacre and chaos and everybody pronouncing moral judgments, you will be lost, it will become your reality and it is not reality it is illusion, wahm. Because there is not a helping hand that can be placed at the moment. There will be a moment, but it is Allah’s plot. Allah said, ‘Plot, I too am plotting.’ And Allah is the great plotter, the greater plotter, the best plotter.

So we have to recognise that Allah has put us here, he has not put us there. Ibn al-’Arabi, Shaykh al-Akbar, said, ‘Do not let the people of chaos and trouble make you lose the assurance of the reality of the destiny, of the haqiqa, because you begin to think that, ‘Okay nothing has any meaning, people are being killed and tragedy and horrors,’ and you begin to think that the world is a chaos. No. Every man dies his own death.

Everyone takes his own path to Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. And you have to say, ‘Where do I stand? Have I got a sure seal? Allah give me an Iman that will last to the grave.’ ‘Give me an Iman that will last until the grave,’ that is the du’a of the muslims since the time of Rasul, salla’llahu alayhi wa sallam, for fourteen hundred years, ‘Oh Allah, give me an Iman that will last’, meaning till the time, I have to say, the time of the .

This is what we want. And these people will not go off and thesepeople will not be led astray. These people will not be confused by the kuffar and their ignorance and their darkness and their falsemoralities. Nor will they be confused by people who declare the words of Islam, and do not declare the words of Allah. We will apply the ayats of Qur’an according to what our tafsirs have told us these ayats mean and what their significance is. The people talk of jihadwhich is not acceptable as jihad. Jihad has to be fi sabilillah and not for the name of one man of a country.

How can you declare that when your country does not collect Zakat? Islam is built on five pillars, Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, Hajj. If there is no Zakat there is no amr of Islam. The first jihad after Rasul, salla’llahu alayhi wa sallam, was that of Abu Bakr Siddiq, he made war on the tribe who had not paid Zakat. And here we have people going to Jihad who do not even bother with Zakat. This cannot be. It is like we have to start all over again. If there has been an earthquake, after the earthquake you have to rebuild your house. There is an earthquake going on and you must prepared the minute tremors calm down, to start building the house. What is the house we have to build?

The house we have to build is Dar al-Islam. We have to build a house on Shahada and Shahada is the very verb from which shahid comes. Shahada is ‘I declare’ ‘I witness’ La ilaha illa’llah Muhammadun rasuloollah. Salat must be established. Already you go into the mosques and some people are praying like this and some people are praying like this. Everybody is praying a different way. You sit a different way, you stand a different way, the adhans are different. You must re-establish what was the source. Where did this come from? It came from Madinah. What is the ‘amal of Madinah?

It is not an accident that the shaytans who now control Arabia arrested Shaykh Al- Alawi al-Maliki, Allah protect him, because he was teaching the ‘Amal of the Ahl of Madinah. They said, ‘You cannot do this.’ In the haram of Makkah you cannot teach the Muwatta of Imam Malik. No, they say, that is not Islam. Eventually they put him on trial for his life because he taught Deen of Islam. They have another religion they have invented. One which has allowed to happen in their country what is happening now and ruled by the people who themselves their father was a traitor to the Khalif. He made his bayat to the Khalif and he turned and broke his bayat, went to the kuffar and was given his money and was given contracts. This is the world we live in.

If you look at this when you go on you will be lost. You have to become strong. Not strong that later on you will go out and fight. No, no, no, you have to create Islam. Africa must become a green continent. This continent must recover what has been lost elsewhere from Cape Town to Cairo, from Cape Town to Tangiers, From Cape Town to the seas and oceans on the other side of Mozambique. All this must become the people of Islam. The Rasul, salla’llahu alayhi wa sallam, said, ‘The people who have Islam will be the people of Bilal.’ This is your job, your battle, your struggle, this is your victory and you will have success where everywhere else people are having disaster, you will have success.

Go with love of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, and Allah will love you. You love Him, He loves you. If you fear Him, He will look after you, you will have success, you are the people of success. You will have expansion, you will have knowledge, you will have increase of knowledge every day of your life and you will see things that you will not believe. But everything you see will be the confirmation of La hawla wa la quwatta ila billahi l-’Aliyyil-’Adhim.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Heart of Nusantara Islam

Every time I visit Indonesia I have mixed feelings about the country, the striking contrast is extraordinary: on one hand, abject poverty staring at you from every corner; on the other, people, poor people dwelling placidly and seem to be inwardly untouched by the harsh conditions of the outward. It amazes me how this bleak reality – endless maze of narrow jammed streets in which only two cars can pass within an inch from each other, little boys at junctions acting as traffic lights, tiny houses sprouted with incredible density and of course, ever-increasing prices and ever-cheating politicians – could not erase the overflowing courtesy, generosity, gentleness and joy of the people, poor people. What is the inexhaustible source of this nobility? There must be a secret that makes Indonesians so special human beings but I have yet to grasp it. One thing I know for sure: if someone wants to celebrate the immortal fame of human spirit he should do it in Indonesia, this is the place where it is so clearly manifested.

It is in no way a coincidence that the Islamic Currency – Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham – has at last become a reality here, in the heart of Nusantara. The return of Shariah Money which Umar Pasha Vadillo declared as the most important political event of the 21st century is happening here, in the island of Java. It didn’t “take off” in Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, Morocco or UAE whose governments nodded to the Islamic Gold Dinar but it came to fruition in the Muslim country called Indonesia. Who is behind this phenomenon in Indonesia? Political parties like Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, big Islamic organizations like Nahdlatul Ulama or financial institutions like Bank Syariah Mandiri? No, no, no. The force behind the success of Gold Dinar in Indonesia has been poor people, I should rather spell “Poor People”, Fuqara, for among them are the best of us. They have done it, they have acted upon the teachings of Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi, they stood in the front line under the Jihad banner of Umar Pasha, they saw the light of Madina al-Munawwara from Far East, they minted the coins and used them day after day with Sufic certainty and detachment. It is the Poor People of Republic of Indonesia who are writing a new chapter not only in their country’s history but in the history of the entire Muslim world, and it is a glorious chapter for which the future generations will remember their names and praise them.

On 31st October 2009 in Jakarta there were held National Wakala Summit which convened representatives from all/almost all existing dinar wakalas in Indonesia, the gathering was chaired by the director of master wakala, Wakala Induk Nusantara, Pak Zaim Saidi. I knew Pak Zaim from distance but never met him in person, so this summit was an appropriate moment to greet him and also see the real people behind the Indonesian Miracle. With the permission and instructions from Umar Pasha I left for Jakarta. I was excited to see a great personality in Pak Zaim but what I saw was above my expectations: I encountered a handsome man of truly Javanese elegance tinged with Sufic profoundness; I felt his heart is bigger than the whole of Jakarta.

Zaim Saidi was a conspicuous figure in various non-government movements in 90-s, from consumer to green organizations. A native Javanese educated in the West he got involved in civic movements at early age because he loved his people and wanted to bring a change to their plight. The talent and hard work coupled with moral integrity and great charisma paved him a quick path to the national stage, in short time he became popular and reputable civil activist winning awards locally and internationally as well as attracting media attention. Prolific writer and excellent speaker, young and confident, Zaim could comfortably continue his fascinating career in non-government movement with possible prospect of turning later to politics. But then came 1997. Financial crisis struck the country like a tsunami mercilessly sweeping away the little wealth that people had accumulated by decades of hard labour; the government’s incompetence and helplessness was more than disappointing. Zaim always hated injustice, this crisis became the turning point in his life, this time his civic mind couldn’t be complacent anymore with the capitalist system stifling his country, his heart was aching from seeing the plunder of his people; he firmly decided he had to find the answer. The answer came from the leader of Murabitun Worldwide Movement, Umar Ibrahim Vadillo.

First gold dinar and silver dirham in Indonesia were minted in the year 2000 and two years later, in 2002, Pak Zaim set up the first outlet or wakala in Jakarta with the purpose of distributing Islamic coins to public; very few believed in the seriousness of the project, fewer yet in its success. Time proved them wrong: what started then with one wakala and 25 dinars today has turned into nation-wide system with 65 wakalas distributing thousands of dinars and dirhams every month. Pak Zaim always puts heart in whatever he does and this project was no different, indeed it was the dearest affair in his entire life. He didn’t rush but with the gift of a true leader executed every step with vision and meticulous planning, it took him 7 years to develop the wakala system with proper organization and mechanism as it is today. But the real expansion took off in October 2008 when the Amirate of Indonesia was formed and Pak Zaim was appointed as the Amir of Indonesia with the blessings of the founder of Murabitun movement Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi and its leaders Rais Abu Bakr Rieger and Pasha Umar Vadillo. Pak Zaim courageously accepted the huge task placed upon his shoulders and started his journey. He created local amirates in several key provinces and through them coordinated dinar activities in the respected zones under unified commandment and strategy - opening wakalas, conducting seminar and workshops, organizing open markets and collecting Zakat. The results came before long: within a year the number of wakalas rocketed from 15 to 65 establishing the presence of Halal currency in places as far as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and key cities in Java such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta; the national daily newspaper “Republika” published the gold dinar rate in its every issue, it is the only nation-wide newspaper in the world today displaying the rate of gold dinar.

During the National Wakala Summit Pak Zaim announced the next phase of the journey: to increase the number of wakalas to 100 within next year and by the year 2012 to have total wakala coverage all over the country thus maximizing accessibility of the bi-metallic coins and efficiency of the payment system (clearance) and at the same time minimizing the minting cost; to establish regular open markets (souq) in key places; to expand the network of shops and businesses that accept dinar & dirham; to implement electronic payment system (by means of mobile phones); to introduce Fulus, the fiat money which is the last monetary component complementing Dinar and Dirham. Next year, 2010, he said, the Amirate of Indonesia would organize Souq Festival Month, a one month event during which there will be held one Islamic market after another every day moving from one city to another - a concerted series of open markets featuring cultural shows; he noted that markets are extremely important in advancing dinars and dirhams, because only in free markets people will finally realize the stability and strength of Halal Money. “In the year 2012 we’ll celebrate 20 years of the Return of Gold Dinar and I hope to celebrate it with fully functioning and robust payment system based on gold dinar and silver dirham in Indonesia”, - said Pak Zaim to the delegates.

I was intoxicated with the atmosphere in the hall, I wanted to bow my head before these poor men and women filled with kindness and dignity, who toiled all their lives against the extortion of the state and banks, never despaired, and now slowly but surely taking back what belonged to them. I was sitting down there and thinking, why don’t I see this kind of people in Malaysia where so much has been said and written about Dinar? Perhaps, but only perhaps, because the Indonesians unlike Malaysians do not cherish fantasies like Wawasan 2020, they know for certain the politicians will never fulfill their dreams. So they don’t listen to economic analysts talking about GDP growth, stock market indices and economic recovery just around the corner; they do their own study which tells them the price of gold in rupiah increased more than 150,000 times in the last 60 years; what a price for a flag and anthem!

Definitely, the new reality just starts unfolding in Indonesia and there will be a lot more to be implemented, as outlined in Umar Pasha’s plan “The Architecture Of Gold Dinar Economy”, but the Dinar and Dirham is there, and it is not worthless Paper Dinar like in Iraq or Paper Dirham like in Morocco, it is Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham of World Islamic Trade Organization, and it is spreading like a wild fire. The upcoming meltdown of the World Capitalist Casino will ultimately reveal the irrelevance and incompetence of not just financial class but, more significantly, political class, the political class that had endorsed the theft, the class which had never succeeded to protect its own people from injustice and oppression of the Usury and Kufr. The last and the best thing these spiritually and mentally bankrupt politicians can do is to submit to the turn of history which is preparing the stage for new leadership, Islamic.

During a dinner I asked Pak Zaim: “Would you like to go back to consumer movement that made you famous?" He smiled and replied: “I like consumer movement but I think I cannot be the same as before”.

I guess Indonesia too will never be the same as before.

“The age of republics is over; the age of princes has begun!”
(Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Remembrance of Haji Mike Evans

1972 — I find myself hurtling across the Mojave desert in my little convertible Sunbeam, with three British Sufi Dervishes — Hajj Amin Evans, Abdur-Rahman Wolff, and Abdal Adheem Sanders! I am being driven and accompanied across the United States, from Berkeley, California, ostensibly to visit my ailing mother in Philadelphia, and they are getting an inexpensive way to New York where they are booked for a Tramp Steamer voyage to Morocco.

How I met these three extraordinary and lovely men is another story in itself, but suffice it to say that I have rarely in my life felt so protected and surrounded with such sweet baraka! In the car the talk was of Allah and His Prophet, the singing was the Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib, raheemullah, the dhikr was hypnotic for me — I had never heard anything like it before! And most of all, every few hours we would stop along the side of the road or wherever we happened to be, and these three angelic guys (that’s how they seemed to me) would do the Prayer.

But somehow most of all I remember Hajj Amin as the one doing most of the talking — and everything he said was a healing for my almost broken, burnt-out Berkeley hippy heart. What a refuge of Truth, Solace and Perfection he described for me. What a web was woven by his amazing words — a mandala of all that I had been searching for, all the pieces came together perfectly — I was becoming a Muslim and there was no turning back! So thank you, Hajj Mike Amin — Mash’Allah, I think maybe you were the one who “reverted” me — and to this day I still thank Allah for the gift of Islam!

May your present voyage be sweet, peaceful and full of blessings.

Malika Moore Philadelphia, PA

I first was introduced by my brother to the music of The Action while I was at University in the early 1980s and ever since I have been utterly captivated by the superb body of work produced by that hugely influential group and its subsequent formations, Mighty Baby and The Habibiyya. Hajj Amin Mike Evans was an enormously talented bass guitarist who, I think, also played as a session musician on numerous songs by other artists during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The infectiously propulsive sound of The Action - an act much favoured by the original Mod youth cult - emanates primarily from the band's rhythm section - Mike Evans and drummer, Roger Powell. Mike Evans's bass guitar provides the songs with their centre, their pulse, their heartbeat, one might say. It's the bass that gets you, deep down in your bones and swirls you a place of 'Shadows and Reflections' into the 'Land of a Thousand Dances'. It's something that is more than physical. It's the bass that allows you to '...Keep on Holding On'. No wonder the group has been dubbed, 'The Best White Soul Band of All Time'.

Later, of course, the stratospheric explorations of Mighty Baby, arguably one of the best bands in British psychedelic-jazz-power rock and the intimate, hypnotic and quite unique spirituality of the Habibiyya Way portrayed a man keen to explore new instruments, different modes, an artist who clearly was not content to churn out a formula and whose life and music were densely intertwined. This is an example which many of today's musicians - and audiences/ listeners - especially in the pop-rock sphere, would do well to study.

This music has been permeating my consciousness, my heart and my breath for nearly 30 years now. It was, and is, one of the drivers of my own work. I am immensely grateful.

When, around a year ago, for the first time I contacted Hajj Amin Mike Evans regarding something I was writing, he was effusive, warm and helpful.

I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. I wish to express my condolences to his family and friends.

The music of Hajji Amin Mike 'Ace' Evans plays on... into the eternal

Suhayl Saadi Glasgow

In Memory of Hajj Amin: He had a beautiful heart. He was an extraordinarily kind man, occasionally in spite of himself. He could be acerbic and sometimes sour but there was always a deep sweetness beneath the surface, a sweetness that radiated from his beautiful face. I don’t believe he was ever entirely comfortable in this world. I believe that the circles of remembrance were his métier, his home.

I was deeply fond of Hajj Amin and I will miss him very much. I ask Allah to make the Gardens of Delight his home in the next world in the way that He, may He be exalted, made the gardens of remembrance his home in this world. May Allah cover him with His Endless Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace. May Allah flood him with His Light, and Light Upon Light until the Day of Rising. Amin.

Haroon Sugich Dubai

Thankyou for your kindness in forwarding this sad new to us in Japan. I will read Ya Sin for Hajj Amin and make a du'a. He was our beloved brother and we pray that Allah will have mercy on him and forgive him and grant him a beautiful place in Paradise.

Abdanur Brewer Kobe, Japan

Friday, February 19, 2010

Encounter With Sidi Hakim Archuletta USA

Just a week before this Ramadhan 2009, we are blessed by Allah with an unexpected meeting with Sidi Hakim Archuletta in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ! He was invited to a gathering of Aqiqah, one sunday morning of a faqir family. We read the Quran, sang the Burdah of Busyiri and Qasidah of Sh.Muhammad ibn alHabib. He told us, three of them embraced Islam, witnessing the syahada with Sh.Abdal Qadir as-sufi in California about 30 years ago. The two other were DANIEL MOORE ABDAL HAYY AND ABDULLAH ROBERT LUONGO ! Then, they visited England and Morocco in quest of pure knowledge of Islam, Tasawwuf and Learning/living the Sunna with the muslims. He also went to study islaimc medicine Tibb Nabawi at Pakistan.

After the gathering, we drove him back to the city of Kuala Lumpur and managed to
chit chat about his past journey and sharing his wisdom. He was blessed with 12 children, there eldest at 45 year ! Now he is living in New Mexico/California. He also visited with the community of Alburque of Haji Nuradeen Durkee .

AsSalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

Alhamdulillah, we were blessed once again in the GTA, with a visit from Sidi Hakim Archuletta this past weekend. Masha'Allah, he is truly a beautiful person to be with -- Salik, who met him for the first time, also quickly fell in love with Hakim.

As I did after his last visit here in March 2006 (A Weekend with Hakim Archuletta...), I'm going to post some of my notes from his talk/workshop, as well as some of the things I learned from him in a more informal way over the weekend -- my notes are not linear...just points that stood out to me.

Sidi Hakim began by saying "Alhamdulillah, Shukrulillah" -- and he said it with his entire being and mentioned that we cannot begin, but with those words of gratitude to the One without whose permission we could not have gathered together.

  • Traditional Medicine is called Hikma Medicine because it requires wisdom to understand the human body. He mentioned that Imam Ghazali said, "Do not offend your animal, learn to ride it so that it does not drag you" and the hadith "do not chase the camel". He also mentioned the example of ants in Pakistan that crawl up people who push them off only to have the ants return, not knowing that the best thing to do is help them in the direction they're headed by pushing them that way and not back where they came from.

  • Sidi Hakim told us that one of the principals of Hikma is that Allah's patterns in creation are the same. Therefore, what we find in animals, we find in ourselves, and what we find in ourselves is what we find in the environment. We are polluted. What we have done to the environment is simply a reflection of what we've done to ourselves.

  • Our lifestyles are obese -- we suffer what the kings of the past did. Our lifestyles aren't just destroying our environment, but our souls. Over tea, Hakim mentioned to Salik and I that people often will stuff themselves with food when they're already full in order to not "waste" food -- but since waste is anything that is excess, such people are wasting food, and unlike when thrown in the garbage, when excess food is thrown into our bodies, it's actually dhulm to our bodies. He reminded us of what he's often referred to in the past as "the bite" -- that is the point in our meal when our body signals to us that it does not need tells us not only through how our stomachs feel, but by the way the food looks, feels, and smells at that point...and that is when we should stop eating. Thus the hadith that we should fill 1/3 of our stomach with food, 1/3 with liquid, and 1/3 with air. He finished by saying that we should cook in accordance with what we can eat without wasting, likewise, we should take a little food at the table, and take more if we need it...rather than filling the plate with food because we're hungry when we first see it.

  • We are digging our graves with our teeth!

  • Addiction to a life of ease does not bring fulfillment.

  • Hakim spoke of the fact that there is much barakah in eating food prepared by a believer, and especially that of one's mother which is made with immense love. He told us the hadith that "the believer's heart goes through 2000 hals in a day and that the heart of the non-believer can stay in one hal for 2000 days".

  • As he often does, he told us that one Shaykh said that the flood in the time of the Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) was one of water, and that the flood of our times is one of separation. In light of this he advised us to never eat alone and added there is a hadith in which we were told that the one who eats alone eats with Shaytan and that in Morocco there are many people that still seek refuge in Allah if given a plate of food to eat from alone!

  • We are mammals and we have a need to connect. Just talking meaningfully affects our nervous system.

  • And men, as in the past, he mentioned once again the need to listen to your wives! He said that men often say that their wives are weak and that he says, Alhamdulillah because women have saved our humanity! Men don't express their feelings enough. The depressed person does not want to face things that bring grief, sorrow, distress, anger, and the like -- what we need to learn is to come into our sense and know where we have these feelings and to let them come out in words, tears, and vocal sounds that want to come out because they've been trapped inside. He said that when tears come because of something we've kept locked inside, they come from the stomach and bring deep breaths that feed the body with much needed oxygen -- just as Allah says in the Qur'an that He sends down rain to revive the dead earth, so too do tears revive a heart that is dying! He said once again that he has never met a depressed person that was really breathing.

  • Finally, although he did not specifically recommend or endorse these books, he did mention them in his talk in passing: Jerry Mander's In the Absence of the Sacred; biodiversity work by Vandana Shiva; Paul Hawken's Blessed Unrest; Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food; David Korten's When Corporations Rule the World; and work on the Bioneers. These aren't "recommendations", though...just works he referred to in the context of a workshop on Faith and the Environment.