Thursday, December 6, 2012

SDRC Dirham Fraud Exposed


I don’t know how you got here. Maybe I referred you here or a friend told you about it. Or maybe you found this blog post through the search engines.

I waited two years to write this because now I have the evidence to back all my suspicions and claims about Orange Roshan (real name Haji Abdul Rahman Arif Haji Md Tahir) and his SRDC, the name of his Forex trading group. I accuse Orange Roshan of:
  • Using the SRDC group as a front to also recruit members for his network in Amway, a multi-level marketing company totally unrelated to Forex trading
  • Dispensing dangerous financial advice that cause his students to lose more money than profit – all through trading, Amway and precious metals
  • ADDED 5th November 2012: failing to give out the RM300 per student referral in the form of neither commission nor brokerage account.
  • Disguising ‘Be Positive’ culture with pretense of success for the group – that is why no one has been really vocal about it until now
These are bold statements; if not for my meeting with other former traders of the group who worked closely with this Bruneian I wouldn’t have published this. Writing this was a challenge as most of this man’s promises and offers were and are mostly based on verbal agreements together with ‘behind the door’ activities that are beyond written agreements (such as the Amway, “Invisible Share Holder” and more of which you will read below.)

My Early Experience With Orange Roshan And SRDC

I was introduced to Orange Roshan and the SRDC (Support Resistance Daily Candlestick) Forex group by a former friend named Victor Tang Jeae Hoe (FB name Victor VicVic) in February 2009.
Prior to this, the only business I know is Internet Marketing. And who wouldn’t want to learn how to make more money? I signed up and my first impression of Orange Roshan was positive. He appeared to be friendly and one heck of a great salesman and storyteller too, I give him that. He claims to have been taught the trading methods by a Japanese Yakuza, whom he addresses as ‘sensei’.

The class fee was RM3000 but what I found curious was that on top of this fee, I had been pressured by Victor to sign up for Amway as well “behind the doors”. His reason was that it is Orange’s favorite business which he originally started on, and for professional reasons he cannot announce this requirement publicly. I thought it strange at that time but since my mindset was that I’d make my money back anyway, I didn’t hesitate.

Victor and 3 other persons would go on to be assigned as a Malaysian Instructor for Orange Roshan. Being an Instructor means authority and responsibility for their respective groups, and with it comes somewhat an automated senses of respect.
Orange had never disclosed any portion of his income whatsoever from his trading methods; either people were afraid to ask or the question was evaded cleverly (a friend of mine asked this before). He would say, “Why don’t you find out if my method works for you?” He went on to say that his students testimonials would speak for his SRDC trading methods.

Two of his Instructors did a good job perpetuating a claim that Orange’s net worth is in the range of anywhere from $68MIL to $100MIL. Orange always shared the story of how he lost $32MIL back in the mid-1990′s before he would recover again in two years. For comparison purpose, Arnold Schwarzenegger is worth $100MIL conservatively.
Everything was fine initially as at the time I joined, the group was in its infancy so you can say that I am one of the earlier members in SRDC Malaysia.

Shit Hit The Fan Part 1: Illegal Fund Managing

In 2010, I had referred at least 6 other friends to SRDC as a requirement for me to advance to the second level called UDA. So at this point I’ve got my friends in as well, many who were also Internet Marketers like myself. I have also referred a group of friends from Indonesia to Forex as they expressed interest in learning how to trade.

Victor, one of Orange’s Instructors and also my direct sub mentor, had conned my network of friends through his illegal fund-managing and he did so without my knowledge. Victor claimed that as an Instructor he had access to higher trading knowledge called Angah and if people were to give him the funds, he could fund manage and split the profits.

He lost all of their money – and then some. To the tune of nearly RM30,000 in total. (All the fund managing statements from the victims in both writing and audio are still with me)