Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Money and Zero Interest Rate : US Collapse

By JIm Willie 24 May 2012

The Biblical story is told of a tower built ever higher in order to achieve contact with the heavens, lest they be scattered upon the earth.

They were scattered when the tower fell. Fast forward to today, where the earth has a multitude of tribes, languages, and several major alphabets. When the Lehman Brothers failure occurred, and the Fannie Mae and AIG activities were to be concealed under court orders, the land turned barren, and a financial plague befell the Western nations led by the United States.

 They were after all, the keepers of the ark (printing press for USDollars). But a plague of debt locusts was cast upon the US nation, with annual $1.5 trillion deficits. The Americans in their unending arrogance, chose to speak from the tower top and to proclaim 0% forever, suspending gravity.

They have attempted to force free money to finance their USGovt debts, to preserve power, to ensure privilege, but in doing so they defy nature in testing gravity itself.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kufr or False Money Will Collapse Soon

With global stock markets tumbling, along with gold and silver, today King World News interviewed John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management.  Embry discussed gold and other major markets, but first, here is what Embry had to say regarding recent derivatives turmoil:  “This makes me very uncomfortable because I’ve always been very wary of the whole derivative situation.  I believe the notional value of the outstanding derivatives is comfortably north of one quadrillion dollars.  The Bank of International Settlements changed the definition, so they said there is only $700 trillion worth of them, rather than one quadrillion.”

But it doesn’t make any difference, these (derivatives) are many, many multiples of the world GDP.  If these things get in any trouble, and I think the JP Morgan thing may be the first sign of significant trouble again, it’s fantastically important to the whole financial situation.  In a rational market the gold price should have been up $100, not down $40 in the wake of this.

I would defer to Jim Sinclair, who I have the utmost respect for on this one.  He has said for a long time that the derivative situation ‘guarantees quantitative easing to infinity,’ which is one of the great statements of all-time....

Commentary by Master Izi of Dalian Nur Institute:

a. When the kuffar themselves dont believe in the 'false value' of paper money (USD etc) against real commodities and silver, oh you muslims must wake up from your dreams !

b. The current financial system is totally controlled by the few/elite powers...using many proxy and fronts to conceal their 'fragile power' over the masses.

c. If the communism vs capitalism were oudated , who are today victims ?

d. The muslim states/government/rulers today are totally 'blinded'.....

e. The greatest Jihad of this time is against the Riba System as whole...from very beginning of central banking, democracy, UN,IMF, constitution, legalized usury not blame the Jews or Zionist plots behind this. Whoever practice Riba ....are part of them...East or West...

f. Recognize and follow..' the messengers sent by Allah'....Obey and fight. Serve and break the barriers. One dinar and dirham in your hand is a major weapon to expose the 'magical' paper money that originate in billions and trillions from US and Europe that drying up our world resources....

g. Welcome the path of strangers-ghuraba.....where futuwwa are our standards...flags inwardly light and outwardly sober/majestic...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ottoman Navy Expedition To Sumatra Vs Portugese Influnece

One Dinar One Nusantara and One Ummah: Admiral Kurtoglu Hizir Reis 1568

In 1565, Sultan Alaaddin of Aceh declared allegiance to the Ottoman Empire[citation needed] and sent a request for assistance to the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (which was received by the Grand Vizier Sokollu Mehmet Pasha due to the absence of Suleiman who was heading for the Battle of Szigetvár, his final military campaign) for defending his land from Portuguese aggression. Due to Suleiman's death in 1566, the Ottoman naval expedition to Sumatra was sent by his son, Selim II, who appointed Kurtoğlu Hızır Reis with the mission.

Kurtoğlu Hızır Reis was the Admiral-in-Chief of the Ottoman Indian Ocean Fleet based in Suez, with other homeports in Aden and Basra. In 1568 he set sail with a force of 22 ships carrying soldiers, military equipment and other supplies, and visited Aden, Djibouti, Muscat, Hormuz, Debal, Surat, Janjira, Lanka (Sri Lanka) and then arrived at Aceh in 1569, an event which effectively marked the easternmost territorial expansion of the Ottoman Empire, was noted by his Portuguese rival Fernão Mendes Pinto. Simultaneously, the Ottoman Empire informed Portugal that Aceh was from that time on an Ottoman territory and any attack against Aceh would be perceived as an attack against the Ottoman Empire, and the Portuguese fleet stopped its activities in the areas surrounding Aceh.

Aceh effectively remained as an Ottoman protectorate until the late 18th century, and an ally of the Ottoman Empire until 1904, when it largely went under Dutch control. The bells of several Dutch churches in Aceh are made from melted Ottoman cannons, and some of them still carry the Ottoman crest which were originally on these cannons.