Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Riba/Penipuan Dalam Pelaburan Akaun Emas Bank

Beberapa bank di Malaysia menawarkan pelaburan akaun emas dengan nama-nama seperti berikut:

a. Maybank Gold Investment Account.
b. Kuwait Finance House Gold Savings Account
c. Public Bank Gold Investment Account
d. UOB Premier Gold Account

..........Enjoy the rewards of a golden investment
    Secure, hassle-free investment
  • You can invest in gold without the inconvenience of storing and transferring the physical gold, or worry about the security of holding it.
  • The account is reflected in your statement.
    Low price spread
  • The difference between buying and selling prices is low.
    Conversion to physical gold
  • You may convert the gold purchased under Premier Gold Account and Gold Savings Account to physical gold (subject to our approval). A nominal conversion fee will be charged for the conversion.
Instant liquidityYou can cash in your investment any time during banking hours.


Master Izi asked this question:
....where is the secret/fraud/condition that bar you from owning real gold ....? You are only buying paper gold. Buying the price of gold. ....can you see that the banks can declare anytime....subject to approvals/supply....we cannot deliver your physical can take your paper profit or sales of gold 'ownership' many grams ? paper/numbers again....?

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zhou said...

The Twilight of Irredeemable Debt

Antal E. Fekete
Gold Standard University

Wagner’s opera Gotterdämmerung is about the twighlight of pagan gods. The most powerful of the latter-day pagan gods that has been guiding the destinies of humanity for the past two-score of years is Irredeemable Debt. Before August 14, 1971, debts were obligations, and the word “bond” was to mean literally what it said: the opposite of freedom. The privilege of issuing debt had a countervailing responsibility: that of repayment.

On that fateful day all that was changed by a stroke of the pen. President Nixon embraced the woolly theory of Milton Friedman and declared the irredeemable dollar a Monad, that is, a thing that exists in and of itself. According to this theory the government has the power to create irredeemable debt ? debt that never needs to be repaid yet will not lose its value ? subject only to a “quantity rule”, e.g., it must not be increased by more than 3 percent annually. This idea is so preposterously silly that “only very learned men could have thought of it”. If the thief is thieving modestly, then he will not be detected. It never occurred to the professors of economics and financial journalists that a modest thief is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. How did they get to believing in irredeemable debt? The explanation is most likely found in Schiller’s dictum: “Anyone taken as an individual is tolerably sensible and reasonable. But taken as a member of a crowd ? he at once becomes a blockhead”. Economics professors and financial journalists are no exception.