Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gold As Barbarous Relic- Kempen Musuh Licik


Governments have forcibly removed gold not only from the banks, but from academia as well. As a result, the level of ignorance in the world about gold is appalling. Gold has been relegated from economics to superstition, witchcraft, and soothsaying. It is treated like a narcotic agent. "Gold is addictive. Gold ought to be taken away from man's greedy little palms by a paternalistic government", as advocated by Lord Keynes' New Economics. The advice is disingenuous. It is not given in the interest of people. It is given in the interest of the pilferers and plunderers of people. Here is how one author, Howard Katz, describes economics as it has transformed, nay, corrupted, American institutes of higher learning.

"Something is rotten in the state of economics. In the middle of the 20th century a group of bankers bribed some of the nation's top colleges to peddle a reactionary economic theory (which was to make bankers a lot of money). This theory swept American higher education with the result that pretty well everybody who has graduated with a degree in economics no longer has the slightest idea of what he is talking about… There is nothing wrong with the science of economics, but there is something terribly wrong with the kind of trash handed out by our nation's colleges today. It is people dumb enough to imbibe such trash who are the reporters and columnists in most of the media, and these are the people giving most Americans economic advice."


Gold Standard University is fighting back. It is not motivated by the lure of making a fortune in gold speculation. Not as if it condemned efforts to salvage capital from the crumbling old monetary regime to transfer it to a new one. But salvaging won't be a bed of roses as the idea of making a fortune in gold speculation seems to suggest. Gold Standard University is motivated by values held in the highest esteem. It is motivated by truth, the cause of which has been so pitifully betrayed by economists in taking bribe money from banks; and the dissemination of which has been so miserably compromised by economics departments in reacting to blackmail (namely the threat to discontinue grants and to purge truculent economists).

Making statements about the future course of the gold price is a most treacherous undertaking. Gold Standard University is committed to tell you all that can be supported scientifically. Making predictions about the timing of price moves up or down is beyond the pale. However, I am willing and happy to share with you my insight, for whatever it is worth, on the gold price issue as well as on the burning question how long the agony of watching the death throes of global fiat currency will take. I promise that I will always carefully delineate facts from opinion.

NOta: apa...dalam dunia akademik pun ada rasuah politik dan manipulasi ideologi untuk menjatuhkan emas perak sebagai wang fitra ? Prof.Antal Fekete sudah berkali-kali diserang oleh konco-konco anti-gold interest groups yang kaya raya....

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