Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emas adalah kurnia Tuhan untuk jadi wang, bukan kertas dan bank dan undang-undang negara/monopoli

Orval W. Adams, one-time president of the American Bankers Association, in his article Inflation ¯ The Termite of Civilization wrote in 1956:

‘Open the Mint to gold. Gold is a gift to the world from an all-wise Creator. There is no substitute. There will never be any. Without gold as a base for national and international exchange, civilization could not have emerged from its barter period of the Dark Ages. Gold is the only insurance against ruthless politicians debasing and corrupting the world’s exchange and money systems of a free people. I repeat, gold is a blessing from an all-wise Providence to prevent the tragedy that follows a debased, corrupted and politically managed medium of exchange. The gold standard is the automatic watchman on the tower of the government of free men, to guard against the poison of totalitarianism entering the bloodstream of sound money.’


bILA umat islam bangun dari mimpi bahawa sistem wang kertas sekarang masih 'baik,kuat dan praktikal' ....? Tunggu Banjir besar ala zaman Nabi Nuh alaihi salam......!

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zhou said...

Over the last thirty-five or so years people have been de-sensitized to the 'chill-and-fever' syndrome epitomized by the gyrating value of the dollar. It had its ups and downs but, here we are, still doing business using the services of 'Old Trusty'. People appear to be forgetful that the dollar is steadily losing value, losing purchasing power, losing the all-important respect of foreigners. They have been brainwashed into thinking that inflation, like continental drift, is God-ordained. There is nothing human beings can do about it. It would never occur to people that they are victims of deliberate plundering by their own government, and deceitful pilfering by their banks, covered up by the mendacity of academia and the financial media.

By this fall we have reached the threshold, we have crossed the continental divide, we have passed the 'point of no return' as it is becoming obvious that bad debt in the system has reached and surpassed 'critical mass.' The chain reaction has started. In the fullness of time the nuclear explosion is bound to occur.