Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hafizhou Brief History of Bentong

 Chinese Muslims gather to break their fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the Niujie mosque, the oldest and largest mosque in Beijing, China Wednesday, July 2, 2014. Photo: AP.

Hafizhou was born in Bentong fighting for Malaya independent. 
Blessed indeed to shout against penjajah British in 1956
Later he has drifted beyond the mountains of Titiwangsa. 
Ted Miles was serving as volunteer teacher here in 1960s.
To enrol in Sultan Alam Shah elite school in 1974. Proud
to be the third sibling from Hakka family of ten children.

Looking back ,he claims to have climbed and ascended
the highest hill peak in Bentong called Bukit Raka 1000 feet 
high just with his loyal dog single handedly. Below a lot
of durian trees and green jungle and timber tracks.
Tok Janggut informed us that Rejimen ke-10 PKM
was launched in East of Pahang with malays only.

The essence of Bentong history of tin, rubber, gold that
attract the kongsi and labourers, which, he says, 
was told to him by a very old man living in a cave 
near the Gunung Korbu. His detractors say it's 
just a bunch of local communists that ambushed
General Sir Henry Gurney just 20 miles away.
However many regrets that his grandpa rubber plantation
and smokehouse were sabotaged by this terrorists until
he travelled back to China almost broke.

Undaunted, Hafizhou is still continuing his search 
of Nanyang roots which has taken him
to Lurah Bilut first Felda land scheme 
still a wild places and steaming jungles.
Coincidently PM Tun Razak father grave
was in Batu Satu, Tras Road and he served
as District Officer with title of Orang Besar.

Once while swimming in the River of Chamang,
off Kemansur Sinchun, he was chased by a shoal of
tebuan bees. So he ran away fast furious and
climbed the pokok manggis near kebun Pak Busu.
His famous warung situated near Simpang Tiga Chamang
and Kg Repas.

After finishing Form 5 in Sulaiman Secondary School
in 1973, he is the only chinese selected to enter
the malay elite Sekolah Alam Shah at Cheras that time.
Here the writings of Hamka, Iqbal and Bey Ariffin
initiated the stranger into the inner core of the islam.

....to be continued...

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