Thursday, July 11, 2013

Six Prominent Chinese of Kedah Embraced Islam (1951) Witnessed by Hj.Ibrahim TY Ma

News reprint from Magazine The Islamic Review (November 1951, published in London):

A huge crowd consisting of all nationalities, male and female, assembled in and outside the famous big Mosque (Sultan Zahir) of Alor Star, Kedah (North of British Malaya then) to observe the conversion (Syahadah) of 6 prominent Chinese to Islam on 8th April 1951. All the high Government official and prominent persons of the Kedah State were present. The new and Chinese Muslims are :

1. Mr.Farouk Cheah (who has lived nearly 50 years in Kedah, is the proprieter of the biggest tailoring firm in Kedah).

2. N.M.B. Radwan, goldsmith in Kedah, a member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Kedah.

3. Miss Minira Choy ( is the daughter of a planter at Taiping, state of Perak.

4. Mr.Lukman Ying Tok (formerly Principal of a big middle school in Johore, founder member of CCC Kedah and proprietor/owner of an aerated water/drinks company). He saved many people lives during the Japanese occupation of Malaya 1941-45).

5. Mr. Adnan Tseng (a writer and correspondent of Nanyang Siang Poh, the most important news paper in South East Asia then).

6. Mr.Raffian Chao ( is a principal/school grand master of a middle/secondary school in Jitra).

7. Miss Hafifa Ho ( from Hong Kong is a niece of Mr.Husain Ho, the manager of Remington Machines at Ipoh , Perak).

8.  Niss Minuira Ma (is a daughter of Hj Ibrahim TY Ma).

9. Mr.Abdullah Liew (a prominent miner from Perak).

The prominent officials of Kedah that are present and welcoming them are as follow:

1. YAM Tunku Yaakob (Regent of Kedah).
2. Hon. Tuan Hj.Muhammad Sharif (Menteri Besar/Chief Minister)
3. Shaikh Mahmood (chief Kadi who granted the certificates of syahadah)
4. Haj Ibrahim TY Ma (formerly Consul of China in Ipoh, Perak is devoting himself to the preaching of Islam. Mostly responsible for this addition to world brotherhood of Islam).
5. Mr.GV Day ( British Adviser at Kedah).
6. Tunku Ismail and Haji Muhammad Zain (State Secretary of Kedah)

MACMA are most appreciative if those descendants, children and grandchildren of the 6 Chinese Muslims can supply us with extra information and photos for our research and publication bureau. We hope to highlight and publish such important historical news for benefit of future Malaysian generations. Al-Kathrah fil-Wahdat (Diversity bring us back to Unity-Oneness of Divine Reality).

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