Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Zakat of 542 Silver Dirham in Singapore Historical Revival Sunnah( 15th Sha'ban 1433)

Last Wednesday night, 15th Sha’ban 1433, was a night of great spiritual strength and benefits. On that night we made dhikr of Allah, recited Quran and asked Allah to give us strength and protect us in establishing the shari’ah of the Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then something happened which must be recorded in the history of modern Singapore. For the first time in many many decades, a man, courageous and daring to submit to Allah after knowledge on the matters explained above had reached him some months ago, came forward to the man he had accepted as his leader and paid zakat to him amounting to 542 dirhams. ( 1 dirham=2.975 gm silver if the muslims forget)
He had known the matter and had waited for his financial year to end, declared his monetary wealth and paid zakat in dirhams. It was a simple act of submission to Allah, which did not require great knowledge and the necessity to go through study-courses on Islam. He had to pay zakat because the time had come and he knew he must pay in real, halal and shari’ah currency and he went to his leader, declared his wealth and paid in dirhams. Islam is as simple as that. But his action has now begun a new practice of throwing stones, the weight, gravity, accuracy and speed of every stone will kill three glass birds at every throw.
The dirhams will be distributed very soon with education on halal and shari’ah currency to people belonging to the eight categories of zakat recipients together with education on the imperative of establishing zakat as a communal pillar of the Deen. Keep your watch dear readers on the next Wariq Madinah program. Capitalism that is defending itself with glass shields is smashed once again. At the neighbouring Muslim lands – Malaysia and Indonesia – a few Sultans have pledged daringly and courageously to re-establish zakat in this way and have got their shari’ah currency readily minted to be thrown at the glass shields of Capitalism. But when Sultans throw their royal stones, the efficacy will be far more resounding for many many years to come.
Miuslims must start spending their dinars and dirhams. If they do not want to spend, of course they are permitted to save but then they must also give zakat on their monetary wealth in dinar and dirham, of course only if it reaches the nisab. This method of payment they are not permitted to change. When more Muslims give zakat in halal and shari’ah currency, they will throw strong stones at glass birds.
Laa Ghaliba illallah. We do not win. We do not have power. 
All victory and power belongs to Allah.

@Hasbullah Shafi’iy
Singapore, 7 July 2012

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