Monday, September 3, 2012

Paper Money Printing and Goldminers Strike

Two weeks ago we showed dramatic footage as striking miners at Lonmin's Marikana South Africa platinum mine were fired upon by local the local cops, killing dozens of protesters in the process. Aside from the implications of what happens when the establishment loses control and desperate  workers revolt with complete disregard for their own safety, the strike has crippled the world's third largest platinum maker, and has cut daily production of the precious metal by 2,500 ounces. Since then the Lonmin situation has remained critical, with just 6% of the South African company's workers turning up for work last week.

 In the meantime, the strike bug has gone airborne, and has now impacted Gold Fields, the world's fourth largest gold mine. From the FT: "Some 12,000 workers at a gold mine operated by Gold Fields have gone on strike, in the latest industrial strife to hit South Africa’s mining industry. Sven Lunsche, a spokesman for Gold Fields, said the wild-cat strike was not directly related to the crisis at the Marikana platinum complex, where 44 people have been killed in violence after rock drill operators downed their tools to demand higher wages on August 10. But he acknowledged that “the atmosphere in the mining industry is very volatile at the moment and this may have had an indirect impact on the situation". 

The bottom line: "The strike was costing the company 1,660 gold ounces of production a day, Mr Lunsche said." In other words in addition to the fear of a resumption in money printing by central bankers, the gold price will now have to deal with the added fear that supply disruptions just may hamper China's stealthy hording attempts to become the world's biggest holder of physical gold, or at least at sub $2000/oz prices.

The Destruction of the Usurious System =======================Way Out=====

To impose the supremacy of our deen to Kufr is an obligation for the Muslims. Allah has made Jihad fisabilillah, halal for the Muslims. To fight fisabilillah, the first condition is that the banner of Islam must be raised high, it cannot be done by secret organizations. Kufr cannot be fought with the weapons of kufr, the military struggle cannot succeed unless we stop paying a usurious tribute to the kuffar.

The first struggle against kufr, should be against their usurious (financial and monetary) system. The usurious system of money and finance is the weakest part of their system, because it is based on pure fantasy. The enourmous debts of the countries and the even bigger debt of the individual persons to the banks DOES NOT EXIST on paper. It is pure computer data. It is like a magic. As long as people believe that this system has a reality, they will find themselves prisoner of its demands and ways. The moment they realise that the wealth is in themselves and that they do not need this usurious system, the system will collapse. Collapse is the inevitable destiny of the usurious system, because Allah has declare his war against those who follow it. In the meanwhile a group of totally commited Muslims will take on their duty to use strength and wealth to spoil and to destroy the usurious system.
The events of recent History reveal that the fight against the kufr cannot yet take place in the battlefield, they are prepared for this in the most extraordinary way, that they can kill without being present. This is the kind of battle they are expecting. But our battle is global, and clearly oriented to their weakest point.

It is necessary to form small groups, with the authority of one Emir, to fulfill this obligation of the Muslims. The first step of these groups is that they must swear absolute allegiance among themselves for the purpose of the ghazwat. They must then study the best strategy to have success. And then commit themselves to the action.

About the targets the Shaykh has said:
"It should be remembered that in the early phase of the Jihad, raiding should be on targets of all who participate in the haram usurious practice, and that the jews have enhanced their power, that is, the worthless paper-money, by their own hoards of wealth, through control of the diamond and the gold markets, and that these centres of hoarded wealth are among the necessary first targets to finance the larger struggle"
("The Sign of the Sword", p. 63)

The Islamic future will inevitably target computer systems, and erase debt information of major banks all over the world. Enter into their system and transfer money at random, or to a particular accounts that we can use. Alter the information in a way that they cannot reconstruct it. To do that we are in an excellent position because all Muslim are potential mujahidin. And nowadays the Muslims, whether it is correct or incorrect, are everywhere inside the whole of the usurious system. This Muslims and their expertise are our weapons. Weapons are not tanks nowadays. Weapons are technical knowledge and people with access to information. We have all that we need within our Muslim Umma.

The computer networks are being infiltrated everyday. In many cases by young boys for the purpose of playing. This weakness is growing and growing as their greed grows. It means that a free spirit and conviction is the most powerful of all guarantees of success.

Our businessman have also a task to do. They have their own networks of people who trust, and have access to very valuable information. The only thing they have to do is stop being naive about the bank and the financial institution. They should not play the role of victims with them. Do not admit their conditions and rules, but play with them at your favour. They have to change the mentality. They should prepare themselves within their rules to take from the enemy. Create companies in a vacuum and absorb debt that will never be paid back, create different financial identities to avoid the control and taxation of the state, use everything you know to take from them and sabotage them.

These teams of truly Muslim Mujahedeen, should appear everywhere. Not only one head, but we should be many heads. As the Shaykh says:

"It follows that one should strike at the place not expected. By extension, in the light of the current situation, one may strike at several centres all at the same time, thus causing havoc in the enemy and their response." ("The Sign of the Sword", p. 63)

The election of the targets has to be ordered by their priority in relation to the total struggle against Kufr. We should not fell into the temptation of chosing those which seem easier, but rather we should chose those which are more effective against the usurious system. We should also remember that although the booty in Jihad is halal for the Muslims, this is not the purpose of the fight. The purpose is to make Kufr surrender to the deen of Islam. Therefore the first targets must be the bigger targets, even if they take longer to get organized. So that they can be delitated, and you introduce chaos in their usurious system. 

We should use the surprise, to hit in their key communications centers and to their key people. And once the first targets are covered we should move to the smaller ones.

We call you all Muslims with an Amir to the struggle fisabilillah against the usurious system! These are just simple examples of how things can be done. Victory is certain if we fight fisabilillah. Therefore fisabilillah must be our constant remembrance. Victory belongs to Allah.

The Book of Allah:
"Allah imposes not on any soul a duty greater than it can bear. For it gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns. Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or make a mistake. Our Lord! Do not lay on us a burden as You laid on those before us. Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. And pardon us! And grant us protection! And have mercy on us! You are our Protection! So grant us victory over the disbelieving people"
(Quran, 2, 286)

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