Saturday, September 15, 2012

CHIEN: I CHING go to see a great man


 Nine at the beginning means:
 Hidden dragon. Do not act.

In China the dragon has a meaning altogether different from that given it in 
the Western world. The dragon is a symbol of the electrically charged, 
dynamic, arousing force that manifests itself in the thunderstorm. In winter 
this energy withdraws into the earth; in the early summer it becomes active 
again, appearing in the sky as thunder and lightning. As a result the creative 
forces on earth begin to stir again.
 Here this creative force is still hidden beneath the earth and therefore has 
no effect. In terms of human affairs, this symbolizes a great man who is still 
unrecognized. Nonetheless he remains true to himself. He does not allow 
himself to be influenced by outward success or failure, but confident in his 
strength, he bides his time. Hence it is wise for the man who consults the 
oracle and draws this line to wait in the calm strength of patience. The time 
will fulfill itself.  One need not fear least strong will should not prevail; the 
main thing is not to expend one's powers prematurely in an attempt to obtain 
by force something for which the time is not yet ripe.

 Nine in the second place means:
 Dragon appearing in the field.
 It furthers one to see the great man.

Here the effects of the light-giving power begin to manifest themselves. In 
terms of human affairs, this means that the great man makes his appearance 
in his chosen field of activity. As yet he has no commanding position but is 
still with his peers. However, what distinguishes him form the others is his 
seriousness of purpose, his unqualified reliability, and the influence he exerts 
on his environment with out conscious effort. Such a man is destined to 
gain great influence and to set the world in order. Therefore it is favorable to 
see him.

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faiz said...


blog walking and did some fast reading on your blog...

by right im a bit confious in your main interest.. you speak a lot bout riba and dinar emas etc.

yet you did quote sheikh abdul qadir and ibn arabi...

sir, please clear me up from negative thoughts,

you r muslims whom pursuing Islam through sufism and you are working as a banker/ accountant.

am i rite?

learning to read the universe

email me your answer...i might belanja you makan in future as we r brothers in Islam..