Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Great Task Outside Himself : Ride The Tiger

When an individual discovers within himself the beginnings of alienation 
from others, of misanthropy and ill humor, he must set about dissolving 
these obstructions. He must rouse himself inwardly, hasten to that which 
supports him. Such support is never found in hatred, but always in a 
moderate and just judgment of men, linked with good will. If he regains this 
unobstructed outlook on humanity, while at the same time all saturnine ill 
humor is dissolved, all occasion for remorse disappears.

 Six in the third place means:
 He dissolves his self. No remorse.

Under certain circumstances, a man's work may become so difficult that he 
can no longer think of himself. He must set aside all personal desires and 
disperse whatever the self gathers about it to serve as a barrier against others. 
Only on the basis of great renunciation can he obtain the strength for great 
achievements. By setting his goal in a great task outside himself, he can 
attain this standpoint.

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