Friday, February 3, 2012

Noorshin Ng Sharing Her Greatest Gift of Life

Why Do I Write?

I am no high flying writer or celebrity. Just the person next door who loves to express some thoughts now and then. Just sharing and learning from others. My friends inspire me. Especially the writers. Sisters Zu, Jamilah and Hajar - keep on inspiring us, okay?

Why do I write? Perhaps its just a way of sitting down and thinking about life from my own point of view, of how some things are, how it should be, could be, to lead a good and happy Muslim life.

The Beauty of Sharing

I prefer to make it simple, no high and lofty interpretations and deep academic research. Islam is made for every man in the street, the man sitting in the director's chair in a posh office, the woman sleeping on a luxurious 20 inch mattress in a 20 room mansion and also the dusty road sweeper down the street. Even the blind, even the deaf. Allah is Merciful.

I am Just an Ordinary Person

I'm just an ordinary person, living an extraordinary life. I am different from many hundreds of millions of people in the world. I am one of the chosen ones. Chosen by Allah and given the invitation to be Muslim. I accepted this gracious and generous offer and I am grateful to my Lord.

Allah is Merciful

Allahu Akbar. He gave me something of the greatest value. Ask many of my revert friends "What is the best thing that happened to you in your life?" They will all give you the same answer "I was given the chance to become Muslim. Islam is the best thing in my life".

Allah is the One who Guides. We can only share

With this wonderful feeling, we strive to share this beautiful message to our friends and relatives. It is an invitation to Jannah! Who wants to go to Paradise? Who wants their loved ones to go to Paradise? If only they would give themselves a chance to find out whether we are telling them the truth or not. If only they will give themselves the chance.

Helping Ourselves when We Help Others

We cannot make them accept or believe. Only Allah SWT can do that. Let us just do our job by sharing Islam in any way you can. We are helping ourselves when we help others.

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