Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dream, Solution and Victory


People say to me that all of this business of establishing the Dinar and Islamic trading is all very well, it is a good idea, but surely is it just a dream.

The enemies we face are too strong, the United States is too powerful, they will not let us.

In the end it is just a fantasy.


This point touches on a nerve with me.

I was a kaffir, and I became a muslim, and in a way that is a dream and an impossible thing.

From the beginning I understood one thing, and I truly believe it – La hawla wa la quwwata ila billah.

I so firmly believe it that I do not consider any other power to be capable of putting itself in the way of this matter.

If we rely upon Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, we have everything we need and we do not rely upon them, and it does not matter what they do.


There are two types of theft.

There is the kind where someone puts you up against the wall and takes your wallet.

And then there is another kind of theft in which you willingly give the thief your money.

We are in a scenario in which we are willingly handing over our wealth.

There is very little hope that we can construct any political reality any sense of unity or power, while we accept that the present system is correct – worse than that, if we insist that it is Islamic.

We have come to a point where this theft is considered Islamic. If we start going to the brothels, and we say these brothels are Islamic, what chances do we have?

If the Deen of Islam is turned into something else, what chances do we have?

If we, look at our Deen and we say, This is true. Everything else is negotiable, but this is not negotiable then we have a chance.

I will be firm . in this matter because I am firm in this matter. How sure am I of La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah? 95% sure? 97%? No, I am 100% sure.

If we stand firm in this matter, the whole world will change around us. If we wobble, then the whole world will wobble in front of us, and then we will panic, and go back to where we were.

Certainty we need a certainty that we will obtain only by a firm belief that what we have is enough. That will make all the difference.


We are not in trouble, we are the hard workers, the poon the people who do the work.

The people who are in trouble are the ones who are living in luxury and giving us pieces of paper; because if we give them back to them, they are in trouble.

We cannot have it any worse, for people who are living on 6 dollars a month in Indonesia, it cannot really get any worse.

They won’t kill them off altogether; they want them picking tea leaves for their tea back in Europe. We really have nothing to lose.


They have everything to lose. In this matter we have to resort to the Deen of Islam, it is our only hope.

Perhaps it is a strange thing that it is a European saying all these things to you. It should be an Arab sitting here saying this, that would be much more natural.

The only advantage that we had coming from the West was that we did not have any pressure to westernise ourselves.

We were the most recent group of people to come into the Ummah so we could ask the most innocent of all questions.

Where is the Dinar? Where is the Dirham? Where are the markets? Why do we not implement these matters? This is where we are. It will not be difficult.


Look, it is so simple that it is almost difficult to understand intellectually but it is no more difficult than this; use the Dinar yourself.

You have a choice. Take the coins, next time you go to the shop, use them.

Every time you use these coins you have wiped out the entire financial system of the United States in one simple gesture.

Forget about all the complexity and the rules of that complexity. Think about the enormous power that resides in your hand, the one decision that rests on you and only on you.

You are capable of giving great value to that gesture, and as you do, then the other matter will disappear.


We are still living under the shadow of this enormous phantom, and with the impression that this is a very powerful system and we are very weak.

I am telling you precisely the opposite. We are very strong, they are very weak. It is a matter of perception only. You do not have to be intimidated by some idea of what some jewish conspiracy organisation is going to do to us.

We are not asked to do that in our Deen. We are only y asked to have taqwa of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

I have to be able to see that I have something in my hands that can make the change. It does not matter what they do.

Supposing they start banning the Islamic Dinar?

This is the greatest thing that could I see possibly happen, and it is the one condition that will make us instantly triumph, and it is quite probable that this is what they will do.

If they were really intelligent, they would try and absorb it, control it and bring it down. But this is unlikely they are more likely to react to it.

Their reaction to it will be the evidence that we are in charge, then they will be playing our game, then it is no longer battlefields in which tanks bought from them fight against tanks made by them, the sort of Saddam Hussein scenario against the whole world of kufr.

No, it will be a scenario in which we design the rules of the battlefield, we will decide where we will fight, and with which tools. lf we can decide that, then we have won.

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