Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who Enslave Us ?

"It is not an Indonesian government that rules Indonesia it is the financial government, the power of money and money alone that enslaves our people in Indonesia, drags us into cheap labour in simplified, rationalised industries at the service of the profit of their owners while the masses are pushed into misery of so called unemployment for not being consider worth exploiting.
Shame on the politicians and even worst, Islamic politicians, who have sold their soul to the bankers and even worst, Islamic bankers. But soon you, usurers, will be tested with our wrath: Nusantara is waking up! The Dinar is our currency! Start running, bankers, because we will chase you to then end of the world until you pay for your crimes. This is the promise of first Basque Sufi Shaykh and Shaykh of the Tausug."


Singapore! I got a message for you from Confucius, the great Chinese sage:

First: When asked about the first act of government, he said, "Call things by their right names," (precise verbal definitions).

Ezra Pound explained that one of the most important words that people of any given society need to know the meaning of is money.

Second: "The creation of a just state must be established on a just means of exchange."

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