Monday, January 21, 2013

USA Minted/sold 40 million Eagle silver coins in 2011 or 400 million silver Dirham

From King World News 21 January 2013: Bill Haynes continues:

“They fully understand what is going on.  These are people reading King World News, and they are adding to their positions.  The shortage of silver eagles has really impacted the retail market because it’s moved people to other products.

Silver eagles are hugely popular.  In 2012, the (US) Mint shipped almost 34 million.  In 2011, the (US) Mint shipped almost 40 million, the Mint’s biggest year ever.  Prior to the global crisis, in 2008, (sales of) 10 million silver eagles was (considered) a huge year for the US Mint.

So you can see how the financial state of affairs is impacting people buying this one high premium product....

NOTA:  koin perak US Eagle 1 oz (=31 gm) sama nilai dengan 10 Dirham (29.75 gm)
              Oleh itu, nilai keluaran US Eagle pada 2011= 400 juta Dirham ! 
              Jika dinilai dari segi RM adalah 400 juta x RM25 = RM10.0 bilion !

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