Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FIat Money, Usura and Jews Elite

f we understand the point of view of the “Élite” we can understand what will necessarily take place in the world. It has to take place, because there is no other means by which the “Élite” can retain their power in the world than by the application of the Matrix that supports their rule: Democracy, the Welfare State, Fiat Money, Entertainment and the Control of Knowledge.
It is suspicious that all knowledge relating to real money and Austrian economics is carefully excluded, all over the world, from consideration in Academia, from the deliberations of Legislative bodies, from the pages of journals, from the TV screen and from the productions of the film industry. It appears that humanity is being subjected to a planned operation to erase from all human consciousness the memory of real money and of the economic principles that lead to prosperity.

Of course the Élite know full well that “gold is money, all else is credit”: J. P. Morgan himself said so. Who are the world’s Élite? They are an amorphous number of individuals from around the world. They are the people who have influence and the power to affect the operations of leading institutions. They are the people who are invited to Bilderberg meetings, to World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, Switzerland. They are the people of the Trilateral Commission, the members of the CFR. They compose the Brotherhood of Central Bankers around the world. They head the great world-spanning corporations. Typically, the Élite are the world’s top bankers and politicians.

What they have in common is the desire to perpetuate their wealth, influence and power, which means that they quite naturally agree (without even having to acknowledge their agreement) to bar any discussion of questions of the greatest transcendence, because the greater the transcendence, the greater the number of the Élite who would be adversely affected by any change. It would be quite improper, for instance, to bring up the subject of a return to the Gold Standard at any meeting of the Élite. This explains why no journalist under the influence of the Élite, publishing his articles in The Wall Street Journal or in the Financial Times, may include in his analysis of the present financial breakdown of the world any mention of the central cause of that breakdown: fiat money.

The only money that is considered in the Media, accredited institutions of learning and all other institutions of any weight across the world is fiat money – imaginary money. Fiat money is to be considered as the only possible money and the best of all possible moneys: gold and silver are trashed as antiquated and failed currencies. In some circles, the idea that money should be gold or silver, or both, is regarded as ridiculous if not scandalous.

The other side of the control over access to Knowledge exercised by the Élite through the centuries is the deliberate spreading of falsehoods, fictions, fairy-tales or memes which serve to consolidate the rule of the Élite. Examples too numerous to mention abound: 9-11 is but one example.
Humanity could forget everything that has been learned about the Universe and be none the worse for it, but forgetting about what money is and must be is of vital importance to humans, because true money is the life-blood of any human society living under the division of labor.

Since 1971, all money all over the world is nothing but numeric money; money which consists of numbers and which has no substance. The contrast with our culture is striking: we are supposed to be living in an Age of Materialism, and yet the world’s money has no material existence – it is purely symbolic or imaginary. Paper money, previously a derivative of underlying metal, no longer derives value from any underlying referent. Digital money is an even more vacuous complement of paper money.

The Élite has created for itself the power to run the world; how is this power to be retained? How is the Élite to run the world in such a way that it remains in power? Take into account that there are now over 7 billion humans vying for all the things that are required to maintain human life, plus iPads, cellphones and other stuff.

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