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Chinese Muslim Generals

Chinese Muslim Hui General Ma Fuxiang of the Ma Clique.

Member of the National People's Party of China (Kuomintang). Ma Fuxiang (1876 – August 19, 1932) (simplified Chinese: 马福祥; traditional Chinese: 馬福祥; pinyin: Mǎ Fúxiáng; Wade–Giles: Ma Fu-hsiang; Xiao'erjing: ﻣَﺎ ﻓُﻮْ ﺷِﯿْﺎ
He fought in the Gansu army, in the Dungan muslim revolt of 1895 against the muslim rebels, in the siege of the legations in Beijing in the Boxer Rebellion against the 8 nation alliance, and joined the Kuomintang after the Northern Expedition. Served as Governor of Suiyuan, Anhui, Mayor of Qinghai, Acting Chief executive officer of Kokonur and Chairman of the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission.

Chinese Muslim Hui General Ma Bufang, Governor of Qinghai and member of the Kuomintang chinese nationalist party of the Republic of China National Revolutionary Army.
Ma Bufang (1903–1975) (simplified Chinese: 马步芳; traditional Chinese: 馬步芳; pinyin: Mǎ Bùfāng; Wade–Giles: Ma Pufang; Xiao'erjing: ..ﺎ ﺑُﻮْ ﻓْﺎ
fought against Tibet in the Sino tibetan War, against the communists in the Chinese civil war, against the Japanese in the second sino japanese war, and against the russians and uyghurs in the Ili rebellion

Chinese Muslim General Ma Hongbin

Chinese hui muslim ma clique General and warlord Ma Hongbin, Governor of Gansu province.
Fought against Japan at battle of west suiyuan and Battle of wuyuan in 1940, and defeated them. Commanded the muslim 81st corps, cousin to General Ma Hongkui and son of Ma Fulu.
馬鴻賓 马鸿宾
Ma Hongbin (September 14, 1884 – October 21, 1960),

chinese muslim Hui general Ma Hushan in 1937 Ma Hu-shan (1910—1954) (simplified Chinese: 马虎

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