Friday, June 25, 2010

The Servant of Events

One of the books by one of the great Sufis is entitled, The Giving Upof the Management of Affairs. This is an age where everybody thinks their achievement is to manage their affair. If you manage your affair then you come under the rules of things. You come under the force of things, which even the kuffar, great kuffar, have recognised.

There is a point when you stop moving by your ruh, byyour energy that Allah has given you and then you have to react to events. ‘I have to get the money.’ ‘I have to pay the thing.’ ‘We have been attacked.’ ‘We now have to show we will not stand for this, so now we must move in order to punish those who did this thing.’ And they fall under the force of things. So they no longer are the master. Already they are the servant of events.

And hidden in events is the secret of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. So that they are moving in the dark. They are moving blindly because when Allah has decreed that the thing will happen and he lifts the veil from some people’s eyes, He puts a veil over other people’s eyes and they think they are acting by their intellect and making decisions and showing their power but in fact they are moving exactly the way Allah has decreed that they will move.

But the people of knowledge move in another way. In hadith Qudsi Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, said, ‘My slave approaches me by nawafil acts until I love him. When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes, and his foot with which he walks'.

Master Izi of Dailin Nur Institute Commentary:

Today we see all these things happening in the wars (Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Moro/Sulu, Pattani, Kashmir, Somalia, Yemen, Kurdistan, Uighurs.. ..... occupation, killings, imprisonment, blockades, terrorism...numerous sufferings of umah...)

and nobody, nobody standing up and saying that we have to tell you - La hawla wa laquwatta illa billahi l-’Aliyyi l-’Adhim.

The power belongs to Allah and He lets the human being borrow this attribute as long as He has decreed that they may have it and if He wants He takes if from them.

(Now reflect what happen 10 years ago to Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania...when the leaders left islam, adopted socialism and secularism... Allah put the disasters to remind them. Look at Acheh...where muslims kill each other before. But Allah bring the make them aware. Reconcile, return to the deen, forgive, show justice and mercy. Share the peace and natural resources). Dont fight over a name, a flag, a slogan, a party or organization.

The kuffar happily to provide all the arms and bombs for muslims to kill each others. Suicide bombings in Bali, Jakarta...what is the meanings ? Who benefits from our young muslims ignorance of the false jihad ? Why not attack the root of riba...power base of kuffar. So long we use and cheated by the US Dollars, we will lose...).

Have taqwa -recognition of Allah power and decrees- He will provide a Way out success. Time is with Him, at His command, in His grasp. Just think about the collapse of Soviet Union in 20 years ago ? Millions of enslaved muslim people are freed by Allah from tyranny, communism...but the new leaders still emeshed in the system, tyranising their own people. Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Kazakstan...

The Rasul, sallallahu alayhi wa sallem, said, ‘You want something and Allah wants something, and what you want is not what Allah wants but what Allah wants will certainly come.’

So recognize, what Allah wants by His Divine Book, His Rasul sunna and teachings from true Awliya ulama and imams. Time is short. New esoteric muslims and deviation are many. Osama bin Laden is dead. Now they-kuffar want more al-Qaeda clones to distract us. To impose on muslims new controls.

We ask Allah Taala to give us wisdom and guidance and actions pleased by Him. To unite the pure dedicated seeker of hikmah and marifah. To raise up the new amirates and sultanates beyond the tricks, pomps of palaces of democracy and usurocracy.

Master Izi then announced to his attendant : 'Zuigan, please serve Shushien tea and sandwiches to all our guests and students at 10.30 am after my lecture stop in 5 minutes...'. He closed the green book by Shaykh Ibn Athaillah , translated by Scott Kugle. ...he too became a muslim after many years of research into the illuminated life of this great wali. A Friend indeed from the blessings of Allah.

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zhou said...

You want more ? Here are the extra commentaries:...

Fuqara you have to understand how to live your own life before you can make sense of what people are doing thousands of miles away under command, under compulsion and not with the freedom of the actions of the arifin and salihun.

You have to understand that the thing is dependent not on these people but it is dependent on those people who move freely in obedience to what Allah has ordered because their actions are powerful. They say that the words of the arifeen are over the actions of common people.

They say that when a man of the bhatin comes together with a man of dhahir then between them great things happen because the right from the person of the bhatin illuminates the actions of the person of the dhahir.

Abu Yazid Bistami, radiya’llahu anhu, also Moulay Abdalqadir al- Jilani, said, ‘The one who does not have a Shaykh as a Master has shaytan as a master. This is the position of the Arabs today because they have turned their backs on the arifeen, the awliya of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, and the salihun, they have denied that people have degrees with Allah and in doing that they deny the Qur’an itself. If the deny the Qur’an then of course you are aside from Islam.

when you become certain, truth. These are the stages of knowledge. This is what you have turned to when you have taken the tariqa. Moulay Abdalqadir al-Jilani, Moulay Al- ‘Arabi Darqawi. This is what you have taken on, is to have knowledge. Fear Allah and He will give you knowledge.