Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gold Versus Euro and US Dollar Imminent Collapse

When ECB promised a package credit rescue of Greece debt of Euro 1 Trillion, something is terribly wrong. Hidden from public views. Can more credits will put the physical economy right ? Can paper money buy real wealth of commodities and goods ? Can we just forgot about US bailout by FED last year amount to USD1.5 trillions ? AIG, Goldman Sach, JP Morgan, Ford and Detroit Motors ?

But real people across the globe will suffer from Europe and US follies of false money ! The Arabs will lose much of their billions stocks, shares and paper bond investments ! Dubai already bankrupt with USD50 billion debts of unsold overprice property booms. Tower of 120 floors in sandy islands and mega airport with only 2 million populations ?

China, India and Russia are buying hundred tonnes of gold ! This are real reserves. What price of gold since the last 5 years ? Almost 300 % increase ! Now it is silver ! But conscieous muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Europe had minted several milliions worths of gold DINAR and silver DIRHAM since 2000.

Now we can name the champions gold/silver distributors : Public Dinar, Kelantan Dinar, IGD DInar (now defunct), PT Logam Mulia Nusantara Dinar, WITO does matter who minted it but muslims have a choice to pay ZAKAT and TRADE/TRANSACT with a freely choosen currency against the inflated paper monies !

This the CURRENT STRUGGLE that will CHANGE the MUSLIMS FUTURE if their LEADERS OPTED TO GO AGAINTS IMF and WOLRD BANK ! US and EUROPE will devalue their currency sooner or later !

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zhou said...

O n Sunday, 4 Jumaada'l-Awwal 1431 A.H. (18 April 2010) an historic event for the Ummah of Islam occurred in Indonesia. At an Islamic market in the southern Jakarta suburb of Depok, the silver Daniq (1/6 Dirham) and the Nisfu Dirham (half dirham) were officially launched by the Murabitun Amir of Indonesia, Pak Hajj Zaim Saidi at a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Depok, Bapak Dr Ir Nurmahmudi Isma'il, the Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI), Depok, Prof. Dimyati Badruzzaman, the leader of Pesantren Babussalam in whose grounds the market was held, Kiyai Sanwari Ahmad, the Chief of Police of Depok, ABPK Sayidal Mursalin, the leader of Wakala Al Kautsar, K.H. Saifu'd-Din and dozens of Muslim elders and male and female students from the madrasah.