Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dirham Perak : Apa Kata Hugo Salinas (Bilionair Mexico)

Hugo Salinas (President Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver) memegang sekeping wang perak Libertad 1 oz (10.11 gm). Beliau telah membentang kertas kerja 'The Silver Dirham for Malaysia' pada Nov.2012 di Kuala Lumpur.


1. Some years ago, ex-PM Dr.Mahathir attempted to introduce the gold dinar and silver dirham into monetary use in Malaysia. Unfortunately, this praiseworthy attempt was not successful. We propose a method now to attain it in the case of silver dirham.

2. It is possible to put a silver dirham in circulation in parallel with the fiat money.

3. The demand for this coin will be very strong in Malaysia and South East Asia. People with keep it outside the banking system. It cannot be devalued like paper or digital money.

4. The creation of dirham monetized in ringgits will be an important step in breaking the world monopoly of fiat money issued by the banking systems of the world. Real money permanently in possession of the people is a fundamental function of the State, a function which must be recovered from the bankers which have ursurped it.

5. The world had abandoned the last link between gold and paper money and bank account money on 15th August 1971(Bretton wood). Since that time, all money in the world is fictitous, false money, not real money. It had created dyfunctional and astronomical  financial problems. Like cancer, it will destroy our society sooner or later. It is a question of life or death of our civilization, to recover the use of real money.

6. According to world production of silver in 2010 was 23,000 tonnes, enough to mint about 7.0 billion of 1 oz silver coin or 73.12 billion dirham. Enough for each man/woman/child in the world to own 10 silver dirham !

 7. There are 6 major reasons to mint silver dirham for Malaysia:

     a. The religious reason.
     b. The social reason.
     c. The centre of gravity reason.
     d. The political reason.
     e.  The economic reason.
     f. The geopolitical reason.

8. Gold and silver money is superior to all fiat currencies. The present world (ribawi) system will destroy itself. We are witnessing the beginning of a process. The economic thinkers of the West are paralyzed. The present system depends on debt (creation). All digital money in banks in the world today exist against debts which caused interest.

9. The world is seeking a new paradigm in money. The Keynesians and Inflationists and Statists have had their day and they fudged it.It is in initial breakdown. Malaysia can lead the way by monetizing silver into small coins. Malaysia can offer this coin to neighboring Islamic countries. Indonesia can change Rupiah into dirham. Russia and China might also introduce silver money-yuan. We do not wish humanity degraded and enslaved. Today, Islam is a great moral force opposing world domination by single power (kuffar-usury based). Let us pray that this does not come to pass.

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