Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Using Dirham To Promote Ribawi Business

WOLRD DIRHAM BERHAD ( Quoted from its website www.1wdb.com)

WDB is a one-of-its-kind Dirham accumulation programme
that provides profit sharing and the option to leverage at high margins
with competitive financing charges.

WDB offers a yield on the Dirham, a product that traditionally
is accumulated solely for its capital preservation qualities.

Address at:

World Dirham Berhad (970807-X)
E-6-02, 6th Floor, Block E
Neo Damansara
No1, Jalan PJU 8/1
Bandar Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya

Tel : +603 7710 0531
Fax : +603 7710 0532
email: info@1wdb.com


1. This company offer you LOAN to buy WDB Dirham (1 oz/30 gm = RM300 ?) and also to KEEP your dirham at their facility. Another Gold/Silver Investment Scams.....paper ribawi schemes. Smart patnership with SINGAPOREAN INVESTORS who are light years ahead in such FINANCIAL RIBAWI PRODUCT/SERVICES to unsuspecting customers like YOU !

2. Do you notice , WDB do not even publish their SILVER COIN PRICE or explain how it was priced daily in the market ! They also try to CON/VINCE you into MLM business....taking your DEPOSIT before even getting any product. Beware this WDB Dirham cannot be used as MUAMALAT as compared to WIM Dirham....in Malaysia and world wide.....

The main actors/owners are (not a word about Islaic Currency, Shariah, Zakat, Riba and Muamalat) :

Reymee Hussein

Founder & Executive Chairman

Reymee’s experience in business started as a cars & spare-parts broker. After losing all his savings in a Timber Concession venture in his early 20’s, he joined Prudential as an insurance agent. All his experience here was only met with great success through Multi-Level Marketing. Through this success, he was able to diversify into properties, development and other business trades & investments, including consultancy & owning a humble Seafood Restaurant, among others.

Today, through his investment ideas, MLM venture & WDB, he is able to educate & assist others who want to achieve financial independence through his leadership programs & systems.

No.2 Founder.....Cikgu Amir, as most people know him by, started his journey in business through his involvement in an Australian Network Marketing company in early 2000. All his experience through this company was met with phenomenal success when he pioneered as a distributor in a local Network Marketing company. Cikgu Amir achieved his 1st million in less than 9months!

As an icon in the industry, he has created many millionaires and helped many achieve success.This has also allowed him to diversify into properties, investments and a few other profitable businesses.

After many months of discussion and planning for WDB, today Cikgu Amir is ready to create another huge impact in the local industry, with the dream of helping the ‘Rakyat’ of Malaysia to retain & create wealth. This man still lives by his famous quotes..

(Comment- he has created many millionaires.......so arrogant and cocky, please check his loan/debt/credit with banks...?)

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