Saturday, September 10, 2011

Demokrasi, Wang Riba, Bank dan Banjir Besar

1. "Demokrasi adalah malapetaka bagi planet bumi-manusia" (sebab boleh dimanipulasi oleh elit banker)

2. "Wang kertas (riba) tiada apa-apa sandaran dan nilainya dibawah kuasa ahli politik (kufar/banker) sebagai satu cukai tersembunyi dan jalan kearah kekacauan sosial" ...bila rakyat memberontak.

3. Kerajaan AS telah bangkrap sebenarnya (hutang USD 14.5 trillion...sama besarnya jika wang kertas USD100/keping ditimbunkan dalam 15 kali padang bola sepak dan setinggi 2 meter ! )

(Nota: lambat laun 'banjir besar" macam zaman nabi Nuh a.s akan melanda ekonomi dunia. Bila lagi umat, pemimpin, pemikir, ahli politikus muslim bangkit bersuara dan berjihad ? )

Ini dia suara www.dollar/vigilante bertarikh 7 Sept.2011 oleh Jeff Berwick:.....

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, where UBS is based, the Swiss Government finally couldn't take it anymore and they effectively devalued the Swiss Franc. The Swiss National Bank warned that it would no longer allow one Swiss franc to be worth more than €0.83 - equivalent to SFr1.20 to the euro.

In effect, they are pegging the value of the Swiss franc to the euro. Yes, the euro which as we just discussed, is on the verge of complete collapse. Talk about hitching your wagon...

Isn't living in this fiat currency world fun? We live in a time where democracies are the scourge of the planet and, at the same time, currencies are tied to nothing and completely at the mercy of politicians who constantly devalue their currency in a misguided effort to get an export advantage and to take advantage of the hidden tax of inflation to keep their social programs and wars going until they can get out of office.

Is it any wonder gold is bumping up near $2,000/oz?

After all, where else are people going to go to hide from the coming fiat currency collapse? The euro is on it's death bed. The Swiss National Bank just announced that the Swiss franc will go down with the euro if need be. The US Government is already beyond bankrupt and the Federal Reserve has been Quantitatively Easing the dollar into worthlessness and they are both just hoping the euro goes first so they can blame the whole train wreck on them.

All of these central banks and governments have the same two options. Allow their currencies or governments to collapse. Or, inflate their currencies a little while longer and hope to get out of office soon before the whole thing comes crashing down in a smoking pile.

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