Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Masters of Global paper Money ?

As the international monetary crisis unfolds with a collapsing dollar, there will need to be some sort of reforms. The question is which ones. Instead of “currency reform” coming “from the marble palaces of the monetary elites,” economist Lew Rockwell of the Mises Institute points out, “private currencies traders the world over could, on their own, give rise to a new currency rooted in gold and traded by means of digital media.” This would be far superior for numerous reasons, he argues. “Under a gold standard, the physical metal is the limit and the market is the master. Under a global paper system, the paper provides no limit whatsoever and the politicians are the masters.”…

“What you’re going to see over the next few years is a global struggle between the forces who want to create new forms of paper and just give it a different name and a different issuer and continue to flood the world with paper liquidity and keep the game going on the one hand, versus people who will recognize that the only true form of money is gold and will start bidding up the price of gold against the dollar,”

Rickards predicted…

It is ironic that the likely imminent collapse of the world’s current fiat “reserve currency” is being used as an excuse to implement a global fiat currency. But it is extremely serious. Escaping the elites’ clutches would become almost impossible as wealth is steadily transferred from humanity to the banking oligarchy and its ever-expanding global government. And so the scheme must be prevented.” (emphasis added)

“The Emerging Global Fed”

Alex Newman,, 9/16/10

Meanwhile, the Washington Post ran a 2009 story praising the International Monetary Fund’s transformation into a bank of the world. “Bowing to a new economic world order, the IMF would grant fresh powers to the likes of China, India and Brazil. It would have vastly expanded authority to act as a global banker to governments rich and poor,” wrote Post staff writer Anthony Faiola. “And with more flexibility to effectively print its own money, it would have the ability to inject liquidity into global markets in a way once limited to major central banks.” The article also mentioned “the IMF’s transformation into a veritable United Nations for the global economy” and quoted various experts praising the developments.

Even the supposedly more free-market-friendly press in the United States has also backed the scheme. “World money, with a world central bank, seems a next logical step,” wrote Wall Street Journal editor emeritus Robert Bartley in a 2003 opinion piece for the newspaper. “A world money would be an extraordinary boon to international stability.” He was writing from Mundell’s monetary conference at his castle in Italy.

The world elite is on a mission. Its plan to impose a global fiat monetary regime on humanity is well under way. And if serious resistance is not mounted soon, the new world monetary order could be just around the corner.” (emphasis added)

“Waking up to a World Currency”

Alex Newman,, 9/15/10

The issue is thus presented. Do investor-Citizens in Sovereign Nations around the World want the Economic, Political, and Personal Freedom of National Currencies linked to Gold – ‘Gold-Freedom’ we call it—or will they submit to Subservience to Unaccountable Global Mega-Bankers via a “Global Currency”?

Our term “Gold-Freedom” has a dual significance.

It not only means the recently increasing freedom of the Gold (and Silver for that matter) Price to rise without effective Cartel* Price Suppression. (For details regarding the ongoing Cartel Gold and Silver Price Suppression Scheme, see the Articles sited below.)

But perhaps even more important, it means the preservation and enhancement of the Freedom of Investor-Citizens around the world who own Gold, to minimize the Freedom-obliterating Effects of the ongoing Cartel* ‘End Game’, and, indeed, to profit.

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